Flipstick Original
The classic walking stick seat
Flipstick Foldaway
Folds up for easy storage
Flipstick Custom Designs
Personalised for your events

Walking Stick Seats

If you’re always on the move, then the Flipstick walking stick seat will become your new favorite tool. With this sturdy walking stick and seat combination, you can travel anywhere indoors or outdoors and never worry about finding a place to sit again. The Flipstick’s revolutionary design takes the concept of a traditional shooting stick and removes the extra weight, giving you a lightweight, portable walking cane. 

You can take this walking stick and seat with you on hikes or walks through the countryside, to your kids’ sports matches, to large concerts and festivals, to a golf outing, out hunting, to indoor shopping centres, museums, and so much more. 

To produce the best walking stick seat available on the market, we manufacture each Flipstick product in the UK, using the best materials and our own engineers to assemble them. By overseeing the entire production process, we can personally ensure that each walking stick seat cane meets our high quality standards. 

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A passion for the outdoors
Since 1985

Walking Stick Seats Made in the UK

The Flipstick walking stick seat is an icon of British manufacturing, with a history of tradition and expertise that stretches back almost 35 years. In all those years, our values haven’t changed, and we’re still a family-run business. 

We use the latest precision engineering equipment to produce each Flipstick walking stick portable seat. Each product is hand-inspected by one of our engineers, combining precision and accuracy with a personal touch. With our production process, we integrate reliability with human finishing to produce the best walking stick seats for our customers. 

Flipstick relies on ethical and local sourcing so we maintain close relationships with all of our suppliers. We send our representatives to meet with suppliers regularly so we can stay ahead of new developments and technology when designing and producing our lightweight walking stick seats. 

Our customers value comfort and freedom, so we emulate these values and aim to deliver the ultimate walking stick seat combo that meets our customers’ needs. 

Shooting Stick Seats

The concept for Flipstick walking stick seats came from a shooting stick and seat. We wanted to take the classic shooting stick seat combo and improve upon it, so we made it more lightweight, more portable, and more versatile. 

Although you can take a Flipstick anywhere, they are still a popular choice as a shooting stick seat. Hunters love how easy to carry the Flipstick is, especially the Foldaway model, which comes with a carry bag. The Flipstick shooting stick portable chair also makes a great walking stick for hunters as they trek to their spot. With the Flipstick walking stick seat’s comfortable design, hunters can sit for hours without tiring. 

Hunters need precision and focus, so they can’t have a wobbly shooting stick seat. With Flipstick’s durable design, hunters have a shooting stick seat that stays in place. For even more support, we have optional spiked ferrules that can attach to the bottom of the shooting stick seat. The Flipstick shooting stick seat is a hunter’s best friend.