Flipstick Funky Walking Stick Seats

With our Flipstick Funky walking stick seats, we want you to express your personality. Our line of quirky and outlandish designs came from our customers’ Custom Design orders. Some of these wacky designs ended up being quite popular, so we turned them into a whole line of Funky walking stick seats. For our customers who want a walking stick seat to show off their style, who aren’t afraid to be a little outlandish, we have our line of Flipstick Funky walking stick seat combos. Although these Funky walking sticks with seats have a zany appearance, they’re still constructed from the same sturdy, reliable materials as our other Flipstick products.
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Funky Walking Sticks With Seats

No matter what colour it is, a durable walking stick seat is the perfect accessory to bring with you everywhere. The Flipstick Funky walking stick seat supports up the 130kgs whilst walking or sitting, but it’s lightweight enough to carry around easily. At outdoor events, during a hike, or at a busy shopping centre, you’ll always have a place to sit right when you need it.

Adjustable Walking Stick Seats

Our goal is to make a Flipstick walking stick and seat that fits you perfectly – both your personality and your body type. That’s why we make Flipstick walking stick seats in three sizes, and an Adjustable model. The Adjustable walking stick seat has an extra section at the base of the cane, which you can extend up to 6cm. With Flipstick, you can find the walking stick seat that accommodates you.

Shop The Adjustable Flipstick.

Different Sizes of Walking Sticks With Seats

We make Flipstick walking stick seats in Short, Regular, and Extra Long sizes, in addition to Adjustable. We encourage you to take your measurements and determine what length of a walking stick you’ll need, as well as the appropriate height for a portable seat.

Although sizing varies by person, we generally recommend the following:

  • Small: 5.4ft and below
  • Regular: 5.4ft – 5.10ft
  • Extra long: 5.10ft and above

Custom Design Funky Walking Sticks With Seats

If you don’t go for one of our Funky walking stick seats, you can always submit a custom design. The design options are only limited to your imagination, and we’ve seen some pretty unique designs in the past! Every personalised Flipstick walking stick seat is manufactured with high-quality materials in our UK facility, with our reliability guarantee.

See our Custom Designs page for more information.

How to Use a Flipstick Walking Stick Seat

The Flipstick walking stick transforms into a sturdy, comfortable seat in a matter of seconds. Simply press the spring-loaded button behind the handle on the top of the walking stick, and flip the handle up so it becomes a seat. To convert back into a walking stick, repeat this process in reverse.

See our How to Use page for more information.

Optional Spiked Ferrules

When you want to take your Flipstick Funky walking stick seat outdoors on uneven terrain, you may consider getting our optional spiked ferrules. The interchangeable ferrules attach to the base of the walking stick seat and provide more support when you’re using your walking stick seat as a seat. The spiked ferrules are perfect for activities like rambling, hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities.