Flipstick Motorsport Collection

Flipstick is fantastic at any event, no more need to stand around for ages! Sit back relax and enjoy watching in comfort whilst those around you have no choice but to stand around. Watching events such as motorsports and rallying are made more enjoyable, keeping the user mobile and providing seating meaning all the user has to do is enjoy the race.
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Motorsport Walking Stick Seats

The Flipstick walking stick seat combo is perfect for the motorsports fan who’s mobile. You can easily convert the Flipstick from a cane into a seat and back again. Despite being lightweight and extremely portable, the Flipstick walking stick seat is also sturdy, manufactured from high-quality materials in the UK. With your portable walking stick seat, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the race.

The Flipstick Motorsport Team

Although the Flipstick Motorsport Team hasn’t been running long, it’s seen some great success. We created a product that appeals to the fundamental needs of the racing fan – moving around to watch the race without having to stand up the whole time. Our Junior Driver, Will Butler, is an upstart to watch out for!

Flipstick Sponsors the Ravenol / Goodridge / Kumho Rally Teams

Goodridge is the world’s leading manufacturer of performance fluid transfer systems. Sponsoring their team was a no-brainer for Flipstick. With our branded Flipstick walking stick seats, you can support our sponsored rally teams too.

Custom Design Walking Sticks With Seats

Although the Flipstick branded motorsports walking stick seats are pretty cool (if we say so ourselves), you can order a Flipstick with your own custom design too. Add your favorite Rally team’s logo or colours, or get personalised Flipsticks for every member of the family to enjoy at a race. From our manufacturing centre in the UK, we can add any custom design to your Flipstick.

See our Custom Designs page for more information.

How to use a Flipstick Walking Stick Seat

The Flipstick is ready to use as a walking stick or seat in a matter of seconds. To convert it into a seat, simply press the button and flip the handle up so it’s perpendicular to the cane. It’s now locked in place and you can sit on it. To change it back into a walking stick, press the button again and flip the seat back down into a handle.

See our How to Use page for more information.

Optional Spiked Ferrules

Sometimes, the terrain for watching motorsports isn’t so smooth. If you want to watch from somewhere uneven or a bit rocky, then consider getting our optional spiked ferrules. They’ll attach to the bottom of the walking stick and lodge into the ground, giving you a more secure base.