About Us

Our Story

Flipstick is a true icon of British manufacturing, steeped in history, a brand that boasts almost 35 years of tradition and expertise. Today, still run from within a family business, its values are upheld and promoted throughout.

Flipstick will allow you to travel anywhere, attend events and spend time out with the family without having to worry about seating.

Our revolutionary design takes the concept of a classic traditional shooting stick then removes the weight to make it an ultra-portable walking cane.

Flipstick is made in Evesham, UK using the best materials and assembled by our own engineers. This ensures everyone meets our high standards of quality.


Flipsticks today are produced by some of the latest precision engineering equipment. The use of this equipment, in harmony with human finishing, gives our products the ability to benefit from advantages of precision engineering promoting reliability and robustness, without losing the human personal touch.

Flipstick Production


Only after 2 years of refinement was the first Flipstick released to the public. This passion and drive for perfection has not been lost and today's seat sticks are designed to answer our users’ needs and are built using the latest technology. Each new design must be personally scrutinised before being signed off by the Group's Managing Director. Our design team is always on the look-out for new ideas and experiences, where the Flipstick functionality can be adapted to the good of the user. An example of this is the Umbrella stick, an innovative walking stick, seat, and umbrella. Combining all these tools in one lightweight unit allows spectators at Motorsports, Golf, or Rugby matches to stay dry and still enjoy the action.

Flipstick Design


We are proud to produce tens of thousands of sticks each year through our UK production facility. Each one is inspected by an uncompromising human eye. All the Flipstick team know how much our customers value the comfort and freedom our products provide and as a team we strive to emulate this. We enjoy and wish to promote the regular contact we have with Flipstick users who wish to have their 10-year-old sticks refurbished.

Flipstick Quality


Our ethical and local sourcing policies mean that we have close relationships with all of our suppliers. Regular visits from our team help keep us in touch with the opportunities that technology and supplier developments can offer our product.

Flipstick Sourcing

Passion & service

In Flipstick UK, we are a small and dedicated team, but we are just the beginning of the story as Flipstick is today an international brand, its products being sold across the globe. However, whoever you talk to about Flipstick, they realise the product they sell can touch and improve people's lives and because of this we all have a shared passion for the product and all customers are highly valued. We believe everyone who buys a Flipstick will become an ambassador for the product that they will come to cherish. Therefore, your experience in dealing with us must be the best.

Quality Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.