Flipstick Regular Walking Stick Seats

The Regular Flipstick Walking stick seat is our model sized for people of average height. We also make Flipsticks in Extra Long and Small to better fit your needs. If you need even further adjustment, you can try our Flipstick Adjustable walking stick portable seat. All Flipstick products are produced in the UK, sourced from UK-based suppliers. With our Regular size, you can expect a sturdy walking stick seat that supports your weight either sitting or standing. Each is available in vibrant colours or available for customisation.
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Regular Walking Stick Seat Sizes

Our Flipstick Regular walking stick might be sized for people of average height, but if you’re a little taller, it may still be the perfect fit for you. We offer Flipstick models in three sizes, and one Adjustable, so you can find the walking stick and seat combo that’s most comfortable for you.

For Flipstick sizing, we recommend the following:

  • Small: 5.4ft and belo
  • Regular: 5.4ft – 5.10f
  • Extra long: 5.10ft and above

As a general rule, the top of a walking stick should hit you at your wrist, with your arms down at your sides. Any taller or shorter might be uncomfortable. You also wouldn’t want your Flipstick so tall that your feet can’t reach the ground when you convert it into a seat.

Regular Walking Stick Seats Made in the UK

Each of our products is manufactured at our UK facility, using UK-sourced materials. We check each Flipstick Regular walking stick seat for quality because we produce Flipsticks to last you a long time. We want our customers to have a walking stick seat they can trust, so we ensure a durable product at a fair price.

Custom Design Regular Walking Sticks With Seats

Each Flipstick Regular walking stick and seat combo can be customised with the design or colours of your choice. Add a logo for a big event or special occasion, put your company colours on your Flipstick, or give each member of your family their own, personalised Flipstick walking stick seat. The design options are as endless as your imagination. With our custom design option, you can make a Flipstick into a memorable gift.

See our Custom Designs page for more information.

How to Use a Regular Walking Stick Seat

You can convert a Flipstick from a cane into a seat in just two steps. When it’s in walking stick mode, simply press the button behind the handle and flip the handle up to become a seat. It’s now locked in place and will support you if you sit on it. When you’re ready to start walking again, press the same button, flip the seat back down into a handle, and that’s it!

See our How to Use page for more information.

Optional Spiked Ferrules

Sometimes, you might want a walking stick with a portable seat for more adventurous outings, such as rambling, hiking, sporting, or camping. To give you more support when you’re using the Flipstick as a seat, you can get optional spiked ferrules. The ferrules latch onto the bottom of the walking stick and dig into the uneven terrain around you so you have a more secure seat.