Flipstick Adjustable Walking Stick Seats

The Flipstick Adjustable walking stick seat combo provides you with a sturdy cane, a comfortable portable seat, and versatility. A walking stick with portable chair is only beneficial to you if it supports your height – too short or too long and your walking stick will be extremely uncomfortable to use. That’s why we created our classic Flipstick walking stick seat in an Adjustable model, allowing you to lengthen or shorten the height of your walking stick seat by up to 6cm. When it comes to the length of your walking stick seat, “good enough” isn’t good enough. Aim for precision with the Flipstick Adjustable walking stick seat.
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Adjustable Walking Stick Seat Sizes

Our Flipstick Adjustable walking stick portable seats come in several sizes, which you can further adjust for your comfort. With the extendable base, you simply depress the spring button and slide the stem to your preferred position.

For Flipstick sizing, we recommend the following:

  • Small: 5.4ft and below
  • Regular: 5.4ft – 5.10ft
  • Extra long: 5.10ft and above

When you stand your walking stick up straight with the base on the ground, it should reach the indentation on your wrist (with your hands at your side).

The Adjustable Walking Stick With Seats Made in the UK

All of our Flipstick products are engineered from high-quality materials in the UK. By manufacturing Adjustable Flipstick walking stick seats close to home, we can offer reliable, durable products at competitive prices. If you want a walking stick and seat combination that accommodates your needs and will last a long time, look no further than the Adjustable Flipstick.

Custom Design Adjustable Walking Sticks With Seats

Our Flipstick Adjustable walking stick and seat isn’t just comfortable, it’s also customisable. You can order a walking stick seat with your favourite football club, a family emblem, your nationality, and more. With Flipstick products, our goal is to make you comfortable while you’re on the move. We understand that a custom design adds to your comfort, we offer personalised walking stick seats at fair prices.

See our Custom Designs page for more information.

How to use an Adjustable Walking Stick Seat

Convert your walking stick into a portable seat or adjust the length in only a few easy steps. To make your Flipstick Adjustable walking stick seat longer, depress the spring button near the base and slide the stem section to your preferred position. You can adjust Flipstick walking sticks up to 6cm.

See our How to Use page for more information.

Optional Spike Ferrules

When you want to use your walking stick seat combo in gravelly or uneven terrain, you can get the optional spike ferrules for your Flipstick. The interchangeable, spiked ferrules attach at the base of the stick, which you can deploy when rambling, sporting, or doing any other outdoor activity on unsteady ground.