Flipstick Extra Long Walking Stick Seats

With a portable walking stick seat combo, you’ll have somewhere comfortable to sit everywhere you go. Made from sturdy, high-quality materials in the UK, the Flipstick Extra Long walking stick with seat can support you either walking or sitting. The Extra Long size is designed specifically for the taller user, who needs a longer cane and a taller seat. Our Extra Long Flipstick is recommended for users 1.76 metres (5’10”) and above. With the seat up, the height of this Flipstick model is 93.9cm, and with the seat down is 81.8cm. Even though it’s longer, our Extra Long Flipstick is still lightweight and easy to carry with you.
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Extra Long Walking Stick Seat Sizes

Although our Flipstick walking stick seat in the Extra Long size is designed for taller people, it could also be comfortable for someone of average height with longer legs. We design and manufacture Flipsticks in various sizes, and even make an Adjustable model so that you can find the perfect size for your body type.

For Flipstick sizing, we recommend the following

  • Small: 5.4ft and below
  • Regular: 5.4ft – 5.10f
  • Extra long: 5.10ft and above

The proper height for a cane or walking stick is when the stick comes up to the indentation in your wrist when the bottom is flat on the ground.

Extra Long Walking Stick Seats Made in the UK

Flipstick Extra Long walking stick seats are sourced and produced in the UK. Each product is thoroughly checked with human eyes to ensure it lives up to the quality our customers expect from Flipstick. Flipsticks are engineered for durability and reliability, and are meant to last you a long time. Not to mention, for a walking stick and seat combo of this quality, we offer fair pricing.

Custom Design Extra Long Walking Stick With Seats

Each Flipstick Extra Long walking stick seat can be custom designed with your logo, emblem, preferred colours, and more. Get a Flipstick with the family name printed on it to take to the family picnic, or have your company’s logo printed on it to hand out to your employees as gifts. We can do any design, creating a bespoke Flipstick for just you or a whole group.

See our Custom Designs page for more information.

How to Use an Extra Long Walking Stick Seat

Turning your walking stick into a comfortable, sturdy seat only takes the press of a button. The handle of the Flipstick converts into a bicycle-saddle-shaped seat. Press the button on the back of the handle/seat and flip it upward, so it’s perpendicular to the walking stick. You’re ready to sit! When you want to convert it back into a walking stick, press the button again and flip the seat back into a handle. That’s all there is to it!

See our How to Use page for more information.

Optional Spiked Ferrules

For trekking through more uneven terrain, you can order a Flipstick Extra Long walking stick seat with spiked ferrules at the bottom. These interchangeable ferrules attach to the base of the walking stick, so it lodges into the ground more securely when you want to use it as a seat. The spiked ferrules are the perfect option for rambling, sporting, camping, or adventure sports outdoors.