Flipstick Short Walking Stick Seats

Going to large festivals, walking through the countryside, or attending your children’s sporting matches are always better with a portable seat. With a walking stick seat combo, you have full support anywhere you go, whether you’re walking or sitting. And if you’re bringing a walking stick seat with you, it should be the right size too. The Flipstick Short walking stick seat is a sturdy, reliable walking stick and portable seat that accommodates people of a shorter stature comfortably. In addition, the Flipstick Short walking stick seat comes in a variety of vibrant colours.
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Short Walking Stick Seat Sizes

If a walking stick isn’t the right height for your body, it could be uncomfortable and potentially cause injury. For this reason, we make Flipsticks in three sizes: Short, Regular, and Extra Long. We even have an Adjustable model so you can modify your Flipstick walking stick seat further. If you’re on the shorter side, then our Flipstick Short model may be perfect for you.

For Flipstick sizing, we recommend the following:

  • Small: 5.4ft and below
  • Regular: 5.4ft – 5.10f
  • Extra long: 5.10ft and above

As a rule of thumb, the top of a walking stick should reach your wrist when you have your hands at your side.

Short Walking Stick Seats Made in the UK

All Flipstick Short walking stick seats are made in the UK. We rely on high-quality materials for each of our Flipsticks, so we can guarantee a dependable product for our customers. Flipsticks are engineered for long-term use, so if yours doesn’t stand the test of time, we can upgrade it for you. We offer portable walking stick seats that you can trust, at fair prices.

Custom Design Short Walking Sticks With Seats

Flipstick Short walking stick seats aren’t only known for their durability. You can also customise a walking stick seat with any design of your choosing. Add your favorite sports team’s colours, make personalised walking stick seats for the whole family, or create bespoke gifts for a special occasion.

See our Custom Designs page for more information.

How to Use a Short Walking Stick Seat

The Flipstick Short walking stick is designed for ease of use. All it takes to convert this lightweight walking stick into a portable seat is the press of a button. When you press it, flip the handle of the walking stick up, to transform it into a seat. When you’re ready to get moving again, press the button again and fold the seat back down into handle position.

See our How to Use page for more information.

Optional Spiked Ferrules

If you’re planning to take your foldable walking stick seat with you on more uneven terrain, then you may consider getting the optional spiked ferrules. The spiked ferrules attach at the bottom of the walking stick and dig into the ground so you have a more secure base whilst sitting.